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London remains one of the most dynamic and exciting cities in the world, with diverse properties to match. However, it's not always easy to navigate the property market in this expensive city - especially in the present climate. You can go many months waiting to sell a property in London, and this is particularly worrying when you have an urgent need to sell. At Property Buyer, we want to help you by arranging a fast sale for cash. We buy all properties, from flats in the north in Camden Town to quirky old homes in Peckham. 

In this guide, we'll tell you all you need to know about using our service to sell a property in London, and if you still have questions, contact us any time - we're always happy to assist, with no obligation on your part.

What Stage Are You At?

Firstly, you might be worried that we only deal with clients who meet stringent criteria. However, we work with people who want to make a fast sale at all stages of their life. For example: 

The majority of our clients have reason to want to sell their home as quickly as they can. Perhaps they have outstanding debts and need to turn assets into cash, or maybe they're dealing with a divorce and are eager to get some kind of emotional closure by moving out of their old home. We're here to listen to what you need, and how fast you need it. While our average turnaround time is a few weeks, we can work more quickly in some cases.

We also frequently work with people who are fatigued by long months or years of trying to sell through a traditional estate agent. We offer a new alternative for those who feel stuck with a property they no longer want or need.

However, we're used to dealing with people at the very earliest stages of selling as well. In fact, even if you're just thinking about moving on and want to know what you can get for your London property, we'll be able to tell you what we could offer within 1-2 days of hearing from you. 

In sum, we deal with all kinds of people who have all kinds of reasons for being interested in a fast cash sale.

Do You Have Problems Selling Your Property in London? We Can Help

We pride ourselves on being particularly skilled at dealing with London properties that are in some way difficult to sell. For example, perhaps you've got an ancient house that is in need of extensive repairs before anyone would want to buy it. Alternatively, maybe you have an old-fashioned property that won't appeal to most people any more, and you'd need to do a lot of work to change the property's look. In both such cases, we make it so you no longer need to think about repairs and redecorating. Consequently, you'll save money you would otherwise have used to pay for new items and for people to work on your home. 

Why Is My Property Not Selling?

We appreciate that a need for a cash sale is not always about difficulties with the home itself. Instead, maybe you've encountered difficulties in life and are looking to us for a solution. We often hear from those who have been warned facing repossession of their homes, and we can facilitate a quick sale to allow you to pay off what you owe your mortgage lender. Another common situation concerns properties with short leases - even a great property is tough to shift if it has a short lease, and it can be pricey to extend it. Similarly, sitting tenants present a tricky issue, as there's a need to find a new landlord or to seek lending approval. We're happy to buy London properties that have sitting tenants, and we'll find someone who will take those tenants on.

Perhaps even more common is a need to sell a property to pay off debts. At Property Buyer, we understand that anyone can get into debt - we don't judge you for your situation. We simply collect the facts, arrange free independent legal representation for you, and start the process of turning your property into tangible cash.

Property Sale Fallen Through Due To A Chain Break?

It's also important to note that we provide a smart, quick solution when a property sale falls through. Sadly, this happens in London all the time. A potential buyer might agree to purchase your home in good faith, and find themselves trapped by a broken property chain - i.e., when their own home doesn't sell as planned, leaving them with no money to buy yours. Other buyers think they're going to get the mortgage funding they need, and are surprised to find out that they can't. In some cases, buyers even come very close to signing on the dotted line, and then just disappear without explanation because property offers aren't legal contacts. 

The average London estate agent can't do very much for you in these cases. You'll simply have to go through the lengthy process of advertising your property, arranging viewings again, and so on. However, we're offering you something entirely different - by buying for cash, we can make it possible for you to move on even in a planned sale gets cancelled at the last minute.

Now that you have a sense of the kind of situations we can resolve, let's walk through what you can expect if you contact us, step by step.

How To Sell Your House In London For Cash

Step 1: Speak To Us

Call us to find out if your London property meets the conditions we need to make a fast sale. All you'll need to provide at this point is your address, postcode, and some other basics information that lets our researchers investigate.

Step 2: Receive An Offer

If your property is eligible, we'll call you back within 1-2 day to make you a conditional offer. Again, you are under no pressure to accept at this stage - you can go away and think about it.

Step 3: Property Inspection

Assuming you decide to go with our offer, you'll meet with someone from out team who will check the property in person so we can make a more precise formal offer.

Step 4: Instruct Solicitors 

If you accept our formal offer, we'll arrange an independent solicitor to represent you - at no cost to you. We'll also pay to have your property professionally valued.

Step 5: Exchange Of Contracts

To finish up, you'll exchange contracts with our sales team. If all parties are satisfied, we'll agree on a specific date to make our exchange. This can be virtually as soon as you like.

Cash House Buyers In London Looking For Properties To Buy

Although you know about what you can expect from a cash sale to us, you might still have further questions about our company and our values. In the simplest terms, we are a professional property buying company based near London, and our mission is to buy any property you want to sell. We have no standard for the property's location or its state of repair, plus we buy land and commercial properties - not just houses, flats, bungalows and farmhouses. Our previous purchases range from many bedroomed properties in the heart of London to small patches of land on the outskirts of the city. While not every property qualifies, if there's any way for us to help you make a sale then we will.

We have a constant need for new properties, and we pride ourselves on a commitment to making the best offer we can, at the speed you need the sale to occur. You may have heard that cash property buyers don't give cash that match the market value of your property, and it's often true that you'd get more through an estate agent. However, this doesn't take the other costs into account. Remember, we save you money on renovations and redecoration, as well as the cost of instructing a solicitor and dealing with an estate agent.

Reasons To Sell Your London Property Fast For Cash

For your reference, here are some of the main situations that suit a quick sale:

How Long Does It Take To Sell A House Or Flat In London?

As you may already know from months on the London property market, it can take many months (or longer) to sell your home. Sometimes you simply receive no interest at all, and many times you will come close to a sale before it falls through for one reason or other. If you need to move out or get cash now, the length of the typical estate agent process is simply not suitable for your needs.

Why Is A Cash Property Buyer Better?

Where we differ from an estate agent is in our ability to get you cash for your priority within just 2-3 weeks - sometimes even less, if your need is pressing. We make the whole process simple by helping you with professional valuations and solicitor advice every step of the way, and we take away all of the hassle and expense of hiring people to make your property stand out in the busy London property market. Our clients often say that selling to us was even more straightforward than they hoped - and we're always on hand to answer queries or deal with any worries.

What Is The Best Way To Sell Your House?

There's no 'one size fits all' approach to seeing a house. For some people, an estate agent sale or a traditional auction may work just fine, or even be preferable. However, for the vast majority of people, it's worth at least considering a quick sale for cash. In particular, if you have been trying and failing to shift a property, need money now, or want to start a new chapter of your life with no baggage, our service is the easiest route for you to take.

Why Consider Property Buyer When You Need To Sell Quickly?

Of course, we're not the only cash buyer operating in London. If you're wondering why you should opt for Property Buyer over the other available choices, there are a few significant reasons. Firstly, unlike some cash buyers, we have no need for any outside investors. Our company simply makes an offer within a few days and then we buy your property for cash - with no waiting and no complexities. Secondly, we know that selling a property can be a complex and emotional time, and we make it our mission to deal with all clients with the utmost sensitivity. We respect your privacy, and take a non-judgmental stance on your reasons for selling. Finally, not all cash buyers cover the costs of solicitors and valuations - but we do. Ultimately, when it comes to arranging a fast cash sale, there's no better option out there than Property Buyer.

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