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It can be incredibly stressful and upsetting to have to sell your home after divorce or separation. It's especially difficult if children are involved, and it raises all kinds of strong feelings. For example, one person might not want to sell at all, and you may end up in disagreements about who has the right to decide. To make matters worse, when you're working with a traditional estate agent you end up with signs in front of your house, alerting everyone in the neighbourhood to the fact your marriage has failed.

If you need to sell your home because of a relationship breakdown, we offer a discreet way of doing so. We won't put up any signs, and everything you tell us is confidential. In this guide, we'll summarise the most important considerations when selling a house after divorce or separation, and we'll answer the most commonly asked questions about what you can expect from us.

Considerations Of Selling A House Quickly After Divorce Or Separation

If you want to sell your house due to divorce or separation, you need to collect all the relevant facts as quickly as possible. Here are some of the things you need to think about if you want to complete the process as smoothly as possible.

Are Both Parties Agreeable To The Sale?

If yes, you're likely to be able to sell with a minimum of hassle. If not, then you need to put other options on the table. For example, sometimes one party can offer to buy out their ex-partner, leaving the former person free to sell, rent or remortgage the house as they see fit. When you talk about this, try to be fair and honest. If you're having difficulty deciding, a process like family mediation may help you come to an amicable solution.

How Quickly Would You Like To Sell?

Assuming you're going to sell, you need to get clear on the timeframe. If you aren't in a hurry, you have a wide range of options ranging from auctions to estate agents and property buying companies. However, if you want to get the sale over and done with as fast as possible, your best option is to go with a cash buying company like Property Buyer. We can arrange and complete a sale within a matter of days or weeks.

Is There A Particular Date Required For the Sale Or Move?

There are lots of different factors that might influence your desired selling or moving date. For example, if you know you're starting a new job, have particular work commitments in your current job or know your children need to start school at a particular time, you might have a fixed date in mind for selling your current home. Again, we can help to make this happen for you. We have experience in tailoring our cash buying process to fit the diverse needs of clients, so do let us know if you need to work to a particular timetable.

Is The Property Available And Suitable For Viewings?

If the house isn't ready for lots of viewings, you'll need to put a lot of effort into improving its appearance if you want to sell through an estate agent. Meanwhile, if you go through us, we will take care of the sale. The issue of privacy is relevant again here - viewings mean people on your street knowing that you're moving out, and can lead to unwanted questions about what happened in your relationship. Think about how you would feel about repeated viewings before you choose an approach to selling.

Will The Sale Of The House Cover The Mortgage And Fees Connected With The Divorce/Separation?

Divorce and separation involve so much upheaval that you may not yet have stopped to think about whether selling a property will cover any outstanding loans or mortgage payments. Fees to sell can also begin to add up, and most traditional estate agents take a significant commission from a sale as well. We'd be happy to discuss your financial position and help you figure out whether a sale will cover your costs. Plus. we won't ever add further costs into the mix.

Commonly Asked Questions About Selling Property Due To Divorce Or Separation:

Do I need consent from my spouse/partner/husband/wife in order to sell my house?

If you're joint owners of your property, then you can't sell your home without your spouse or civil partner's consent. However, if your name is the only one that appears on the title deeds for your house, you have sole ownership and you can do what you like with the property. This includes renting it out, selling it on, or mortgaging.

How much will it cost me to sell my house fast for cash?

It's important to understand the cost to sell a house and we'll make a cash offer on your house or flat without charging you any money. If you decide that you don't want to accept our offer or that you don't want to sell your home after all, you can withdraw from the process free of charge. This means you have little to lose by contacting us - at the very least, we'll give you some solid property advice that you can use going forward.

How long does it take to sell a house fast for cash?

This varies by circumstance and property, but there are typically a few weeks between first contacting us and your property being sold. However, if the nature of a selling your property due to divorce, or separation, your relationship breakdown means that you have to sell your home more quickly (or even need to slow down the process), please let us know and we will try our very best to meet your needs. We can complete sales in just 2-3 days in exceptional circumstances.

Are there any fees, charges or costs to pay?

No. Unlike when dealing with estate agents, you'll never face extra fees or costs if you decide you sell your flat or house to us for cash. In addition, we'll cover the cost of independent legal representation. If you don't want to accept our cash offer, our advice doesn't cost you a single penny.

How will you value my property?

First, we ask you a few basic questions to get the facts about your property. This information allows us to use our database to estimate the appropriate figure by researching similar properties in your local area. After our research, we make you a cash offer based on your property's current market value. If you decide that you want to go ahead with our cash offer, we'll instigate a personal valuation process to check if we need to revise the offer.

Can We Assure A Discreet Service From Neighbours?

Absolutely - we understand that this is a private, often difficult decision and that you don't want an audience. There will be nothing that tells your neighbours what's going on - no "for sale" or "sold" signs in your front garden. Meanwhile, when we arrange a valuation, we'll be sure to do this discretely. With Property Buyer's help, there's no reason why anyone in your local community should know anything at all about your divorce, separation or relationship breakdown, or your plans to sell your home.

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