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Have you been considering the question, 'what are the reasons to sell my house for cash?' There are dozens of reasons why you might want to consider selling your house for cash. Some of them relate to sudden changes in your lifestyle or employment situation, while others focus on making smart financial commitments for the future. Perhaps you've already contemplated a fast property sale for cash, or maybe you're only just starting to wonder if this is the right move for you. Either way, you're bound to have questions about why we buy property for cash and how it works, the advantages and disadvantages, and how to best make the decision about a cash sale.

Here are a number of major, or important reasons and motivations behind selling your house fast for cash, and we'll explain how this decision can help you deal with a range of common problems. Throughout, we'll also link you to relevant resources that give you more information about each motivation.

What Are Your Reasons For Selling Your House Fast For Cash?

If you're looking to make the selling process efficient and stress-free, a direct cash purpose can offer you the flexibility and immediacy you need. For example, at Property Buyer we offer to buy any home in any condition and area, and can work to the timescale that best suits your needs. Once you've been in contact with us, our team of experts will research other properties in your area, talk to our property valuation staff, and make you the best offer we can. If you accept our conditional offer, we'll visit your property in person, with the intention of making a formal offer, so that you fully understand the cost to sell a house from the very start of the process. There are many different reasons why a quick, easy sale like the above might particularly appeal to you.

Here are a few of the most common reasons why people want to use our service.

Broken Property Chain

If you're purchasing a new home, there's a good chance that the person from whom you're buying that property is also buying a new home. Indeed, it's common to rely on the sale of your house in order to make it possible to buy a new place. Research shows that the majority of homes are part of a chain like this. However, problematically, up to a third of these chains often break down when a house sale falls through at the last minute - and there's nothing to stop this from happening, as property offers are not in fact legally binding. When there's a property chain break, your entire plan collapses. If you're in the situation, contacting a company like Property Buyer can help you quickly come up with a new plan. By offering you a simple, fair cash offer, we can make it possible for you to continue with your plan to move into a new home - in spite of a broken chain.

House Buyer Changed Their Mind

Similarly, due to the fact that offers on properties are not legally binding, you can find yourself in a situation where your house buyer changed their mind. And if you're counting on a sale to go through so that you can move to a more suitable place, change jobs or pay off debts, a house buyer's change of heart can send you into a panic. At this point, a quick cash offer on your house can make the difference between being able to stick to your original life plan and having to entirely reevaluate your future. No matter what timeframe you are working within, Property Buyer can help to ensure that your home is bought in time for you to get the money you need.

Buyer Was Unable To Secure Mortgage Finance

Sometimes, in spite of the best intentions and a genuine desire to buy your property, the person who has expressed interest in purchasing your home may find themselves unable to secure the mortgage financing required to do so. In such a situation, there's very little that they can do to make it possible to through with the purchase, and they will likely have to pull out - often at a very late stage. If you find yourself in this position, it's seldom possible to arrange an estate agent sale within the timeframe that you need. However, as noted above, cash house buyers don't have that problem - we can shift your property virtually as soon as you discover that your planned buyer was unable to secure mortgage finance.

Sales Process Taking Too Long

Finally, one of the major reasons that people come to a specialist UK property buyer is that their sales process was simply taking too long. Whether you need to make the sale because you're separating or divorcing from your partner, you have a new job or you need to free up some of your money, sometimes a traditional sales process just can't get the job done in time. As cash buyers, we can complete the sales process with you within about seven days - sometimes less (or more) depending on your specific preferences. So, if you're getting nervous about the length of a sales process, it's well worth giving us a call to talk about the alternatives that we could offer you.

Motivations To Sell Home For Cash

Now that we've canvassed a few significant reasons why you might consider selling your property quickly for cash, let's turn to some of the most common motivations for using a service like PropertyBuyer.co.uk. We had expertise in dealing with all of these situations, and we can offer uniquely tailored guidance depending on which factors apply to you.

Stop House Repossession

In cases of house repossession, a court order evicts you from your property and the property then belongs to your mortgage lender. This happens when you are unable to pay the required payments to your mortgage lender, and is their way of recovering the necessary funds that you are not providing. Naturally, this is a highly stressful situation and one in which you may feel like you have very few options on the table. However, if you arrange a quick sale for cash in time, you can stop the house repossession process. When we buy your property, you get a quick, sizeable sum of cash that can allow you to pay your mortgage lander what you owe. In addition, note that we deal with this situation all the time and will speak to you without judgment - our only interest is in helping you get the money you need from your house repossession.

Selling A Tenanted Property

If you have a "sitting tenant" in your flat (i.e., someone who lives in the property at the time at which you want to sell), this person continues to live in the property even when you pass on ownership to a new person. You might be concerned that you can't use our quick cash buy service in order to sell your property in such a car, but this is actually a very common setup and we regularly take on properties with sitting tenants. In particular, we can take away all the pressure you feel as property landlord regardless of the specifics of the tenancy (e.g., whether your sitting tenants have an assured shorthold tenancy (AST) in place). While it's hard to get lending approval or find a new landlord when you have protected tenants, we are happy to take on such properties when selling a house with tenants.

Selling An Inherited Property Fast

If you unexpectedly inherit a new property, you're faced with a huge range of potential decisions. You might wonder whether you should keep the property and move into it, or sell it on and use the money for something else. If you ultimately decide you want to sell the inherited property, you may be held back by the fact that estate agents often take a long time to sell inherited properties. In such a case, a quick cash buy can be the perfect solution. Once you've applied for a probate sale (i.e., claimed your inherited property), you have the right to do with it as you will. Happily, selling a probate property doesn't need to be a more expensive venture than a regular property sale, though you may need to deal with some maintenance work costs or to pay for clearance. If you have questions about the nuances of probate and inheritance, we can help.

Selling A Flat With A Short Lease

A flat with a short lease is one that has few than 80 years remaining on its lease. In this situation, it's hard to find a buyer when selling a flat with a short lease, and you'll often incur extra costs associated with extending the lease. If you don't want the stress and the long waits you'll need to deal with if you sell your short lease flat through an estate agent, quick cash buys are once again a simple, obvious solution. If you want Property Buyer to take your short lease flat off your hands, we will need you to give us some simple information about the flat in order to calculate its value. We can also tell you more about exactly how short leaseholds work, and we can offer you a free valuation to help you decide whether you'd prefer to sell with us or pay to extend your lease.

Sell A House To Pay Off Debts

It's easy to get into debt without meaning too, and it can quickly get out of hand. In such cases, you may have no real option but to sell your home. However, with the pressure to repay what you owe, a traditional sale can seem insufficiently quick. While a quick cash sale means accepting less than the market value of your home, the significant benefit is that you immediately receive a lump sum that you can use to pay off your debts. What's more, there are absolutely no hidden costs and we can offer free legal representation to help you through the process. Further, as with house repossession cases, note that cash buyers are used to dealing with debt problems all the time. You will receive non-judgemental, informative support from us, and we'll help you make the choice that's best for you.

Sell A House To Emigrate Or Relocate

Sometimes, the reasons you want to consider selling your house for cash are more positive than negative. One example is emigration or moving abroad, which you may well want to do for exciting reasons related to your career or relationships. But such situations leave you with complex questions about whether to hold onto your home or sell it - and there are certainly good reasons in favour of both options. If the thing holding you back from selling is that you're worried about how long it might take and how complex it might be, a cash sale can make things infinitely simpler and faster. We're well placed to talk this over with you, including questions you might have about the costs associated with holding onto your property when you move abroad.

Sell A House To Downsize Quickly

Many people reach a point in life at which they consider living on a smaller scale. Perhaps retirement is coming up, maybe your children are leaving home or perhaps you want to live a more minimalist lifestyle. Whatever the reason, it's natural to wonder whether selling your larger property is more trouble then it is worth - especially when you think about the fees associated with an estate agent sale. If you're interested in downsizing and want to do so as quickly as possible, a fast cash sale makes perfect sense. We'd be happy to explain how Property Buyer can meet your needs in this respect, as we have vast experience in ensuring that even complex sales happen quickly. Contacting us doesn't leave you with any obligation, and it can help you make a more solid plan for your future.

Selling A House After Divorce Or Separation

Finally, selling a house in divorce or separation can leave you needing to reevaluate your life in every sense. One of the most pressing sets of questions surrounds who is going to live where, what you can afford, and whether you'll be selling previous property that you shared. However, the awareness of "For Sale" signs going up can make you anxious about selling, as you'll be broadcasting your business around the neighbourhood. With a quick cash house sale, you can avoid anyone knowing your business and you can facilitate a clean break with your ex-partner. While this works best when both parties are on the same page and agree to the sale, other options include one of you buying out the other person so that they are free to sell the property in their own time. No matter what your situation, we can offer a free valuation and ensure total discretion throughout the process.

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