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Sell Your Commercial Property Today

Are you looking to sell your commercial property without the usual stress of long waiting times? Do you need a quick injection of cash and have equity tied up in your commercial property?

At PropertyBuyer.co.uk, we buy commercial properties of any type and can finalise deals quickly within your timeframe. You can avoid the usual stresses of selling on the open market and release any equity in your commercial buildings - even if you have tenants in the property, or other agreements in place, we are experienced in dealing with this kind of purchase and will ensure everything goes smoothly.

Whether you have a restaurant, casino, or office buildings, we will make a fair offer on your building, no matter its condition or age.

Reasons Why Vendors Sell Commercial Property Quickly

Reasons to sell your property will vary. Property owners can benefit from favourable market conditions. High demand and beneficial financing arrangements inflate property prices, enabling vendors to make a profit on one of their largest investments. For a lot of businesses, money can be tight with little room for manoeuvre in cashflow. Whether it's for a loan repayment or other necessary expense, we buy commercial properties for cash, enabling vendors to meet those expenses. An unexpected opportunity or requirement to expand requires an injection of cash.

Vendors have a need to sell property quickly, in order that they can buy larger and more suitable premises. The cash injection can be used to acquire new machinery and other equipment, too. The potential upside of the property may not be worth the possible downside. When risk outweighs the reward, it is important to have an exit strategy that still rewards the vendor. Similarly, if the property requires more work than it offers in potential returns, this is another possible reason for a sale. Unfortunately, businesses fail, and so too do partnerships and relationships between directors and the board.

If a business has become untenable, liquidating assets is an important step in dissolving the business entity and ensuring that stakeholders get a reasonable share. Even the best-laid plans go astray and unforeseen circumstances like bereavement or even divorce can leave commercial property owners in an almost impossible situation.

We buy commercial properties and we can finalise quickly on a fair price, ensuring that vendors can access money to meet life's challenges.

Why Sell Your Commercial Property To Us?

At PropertyBuyer.co.uk we buy commercial properties for cash and we offer a valuation based on fair market value, allowing for a quick and guaranteed sale. We cut out the middlemen and eliminate estate agent’s and other fees. What’s more, because of the speed that we can finalise the deal, you can save several months of mortgage repayments during the process.

By using a specialist cash buyer like us, you get a fair price for your property, no matter its condition or age. We aren't a traditional real estate agent, which means that we don't have traditional agency fees. There are no survey or valuation charges and we don't take a single penny of the money. We even cover the legal fees on any completed sale. You deal directly with our team and because we buy property for cash, it means that there are no ‘For Sale’ signs. We don't communicate with tenants, either, so you can enjoy a completely confidential and discreet service. Nobody else needs to be involved or aware of the sale.

Selling commercial property on the open market can take months. Even getting a valuation from an estate agent can take weeks, by which time we could have valued your property, made you an offer, and even completed on the sale. You can expect to have the cash within a few weeks when you sell to PropertyBuyer.co.uk.

We will buy any commercial property, regardless of the type of property, its use, and even its condition. If you're sick of paying for repairs and renovation costs, we will make you a fair offer so that you can move onto the next deal.

Types Of Commercial Properties We Buy For Cash

Commercial Offices For Sale

Regardless of size, location, or even condition we buy commercial offices with or without tenants, and any tenants that are in the building do not need to know about our involvement.

Retail Properties For Sale

Retail properties range from single shops to multi-outlet shopping centres. They can be in town, on industrial or retail estates, or in any other location. Whether the store is profitable or not, we will make you a cash offer based on current market value.

Industrial Properties For Sale

Warehouses and factories require a lot of upkeep and maintenance. Release the money pit from your portfolio by selling to us.

Leisure Properties For Sale

Leisure properties include those that sell hot food, as well as hotels, sports facilities, and similar properties. Whether you find that a new branch is failing to make forecasted profits, or you want to sell for any other reason, we have cash waiting.

Healthcare Properties For Sale

Healthcare properties like medical centres and nursing homes can be difficult to sell on the open market, but not with PropertyBuyer.co.uk. Contact us today to get a quote and start the ball rolling.

Commercial Property Use Classes

Under the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order of 1987, every commercial property has a classification that determines the type of business it can conduct. You can find a full list of The Town and Country Planning Use Classes classification types on the government's legislation website.

Once a property has been given a classification, it determines how that property can be used and the type of business that is allowed to be established in the premises. If a business is found to operate outside the classification of a commercial property, it can receive a substantial fine, and changing classification requires that the building owner applies for planning permission. The classification of a commercial property can affect its valuation, and it will determine demand for that property type.

We can purchase any commercial property type and classification, whether you are selling a shop, a theatre, or a petrol filling station, so get in touch today.

Different Ways To Sell Your Commercial Property Quickly

Private Sale – This is a useful way to sell commercial property, if you have an extensive network of connections and if those connections have immediate access to the required funds. Otherwise, it will take time to find prospective buyers, nurture potential leads, and finalise the deal. You will also have to deal with valuations, property checks, and other steps to ensure a seamless sale.

Auction – Sales at auction do not require negotiation on your end and the buyer is usually responsible for paying auction costs. A sale might be completed within a month, but apart from setting a reserve price, you cannot be certain how much you will receive from the sale. If you catch an auction on a slow day, you could potentially lose out on thousands on the final sale value.

Estate Agent – With high street presence, they usually have a network of potentially interested buyers, and they will deal with the negotiations on your behalf. However, you pay a premium for these benefits and selling a property through an estate agent means that you have to deal with property chains and the process can take months to resolve, not to mention the thousands of pounds in fees that you will likely have to pay them.

Specialist Cash Buyer – This type of buyer will make you an offer based on current market valuation. They have the cash waiting, which means that the purchase can be completed in a fraction of the time, and there are no hidden costs. The sale isn't dependent on any property chain or other conditions.

Commonly Asked Questions:

How Difficult Is It To Sell A Commercial Property?

Demand for commercial properties is typically lower than the demand for residential buildings, and prevailing market and economic conditions, as well as legal formalities, mean that selling a commercial building is more complex than selling a house. You will need to do your research to ensure that you get the best deal at the right time, and even then it can take estate agents a long time to find the right buyer.

With a professional cash buying service like PropertyBuyer.co.uk, we remove these difficulties and ensure a smooth process. You get a fair value based on market conditions and you don't have to worry about legal requirements or other factors because we deal with these on your behalf.

How Is My Commercial Property Valued?

Commercial property valuation is determined by a number of factors, including property size, location, classification, and condition. We offer a fair portion of current market value for a property, taking into account the time frame that we can complete the deal and the ease with which the transaction is completed.

How Much Will It Cost Me To Sell My Commercial Property Fast For Cash?

One of the reasons our customers trust us when selling commercial property is our transparency. If you want to know why choose us, this is because we don't charge associated feeswith the property, and we'll even cover the legal costs, as long as the sale completes. This means that you don't pay us a penny.

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