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How much will I make on the sale of my home?

If you sell to a property buying company, you will get less than the average market value for your house. However, you'll also get immediate access to the cash that you need to start paying off your debt. In addition, don't forget that selling through an estate agent leads to extra costs. We won't charge you for the necessary valuations, and we'll even provide you with free legal representation.

If I want to sell my house, do I have to move out?

In most cases, selling your home means that you will have to move out. However, there is a slim chance that you might be able to rent the property and continue living there. This depends on whether you can make a suitable arrangement with the new owner.

What Fees, Charges Or Costs would I have to pay if I decided to sell my house quickly for cash?

We never charge fees and we also cover the fees associated with house valuation. This makes our service much more affordable than using an estate agent, and it keeps the process clean and simple. You know that whatever money you receive after valuation will be yours, without any hidden charges.

Can I sell my house before my mortgage term ends?

Yes, you can. Provided you can afford to sell your property, you can do so at any time. However, whether or not you're planning to buy a new property, you're likely to incur some costs if you want to redeem some of your mortgages. This means it's smart to check the terms of your property's mortgage. Regardless of what you find, selling your home to a cash buyer is one of the most effective ways to keep overall costs down.

How Will You Value My Property?

Property price estimates first involve giving us some essential facts property. We use this information to price your home in a way that reflects the value of similar properties in your area, drawing on a database of local properties. The next step is for us to make you a cash offer on the basis of your property market value.

Can We Assure A Discreet Service From Neighbours?

Absolutely - we understand that this is a private, often difficult decision and that you don't want an audience. There will be nothing that tells your neighbours what's going on - no "for sale" or "sold" signs in your front garden. Meanwhile, when we arrange a valuation, we'll be sure to do this discretely. With Property Buyer's help, there's no reason why anyone in your local community should know anything at all about your divorce, separation or relationship breakdown, or your plans to sell your home.

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