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When your thinking it's the time to sell a house, you might first think about traditional estate agents rather than cash house buyers. However, using traditional estate agents can drag on much longer than you might like, the costs add up, and if you're under pressure to sell then you'll seldom be able to get the job done in time. Then, on the other hand is a quick cash sale, but perhaps you're uncertain about what this involves or whether it would suit your situation. As it happens, there are many factors that recommend using a quick cash house buyer - not just efficiency, but also transparency, privacy and increased levels of control over the process. In this article, we'll explain exactly what you can expect if you chose to sell your home fast to cash house buyers. Here are some of the major benefits of opting for this route, and we'll explore some reasons why this option may be worth your consideration.

What To Expect Selling Your Home To Cash House Buyers

Let's start by demystifying the process. When you first contact a cash house buyer, the first thing you'll need to provide is a list of basic details about the property. This allows the expert team to assess its value in relation to surrounding properties. You'll also explain your ideal timeline for selling - cash buyers can get a sale through in just a couple of weeks, but you can make the sale slower or faster depending on your preferences. Soon after, you'll receive the first offer - and if this is agreeable, a more in-depth valuation process will begin. Throughout, you'll receive free legal advice if you feel it would be helpful. Finally, you'll receive a definitive offer, and if you accept it then you can immediately sell your house for cash. Now that you understand a bit more about how a quick cash sale words, we can move on to consider some of the most significant benefits.

Discreet With No Viewings Or 'For Sale' Boards

If you're going through a divorce or separation (or just don't want the neighbours knowing your business), having a "For Sale" up in the garden can be a real pain. With a quick cash buyer, there's no need to advertise or arrange viewings - the whole process is entirely discrete.

No Solicitor Fees

The relevant legal advice is free with the deal you make with your cash buyer, so there's no need to set aside extra money for a lawyer. In addition, this person will work solely for you, representing your interests (and not those of the cash buyer).

Set A Completion Date To Suit You

Whether you want to sell as soon as possible, within the next few weeks or not for a couple of months, your cash buyer can accommodate this and work to your timeline. So if you are in urgent need of cash, need to relocate or are ending a relationship, this is done quickly and efficiently.

Receive funds in as little as 14 days

If your cash buyer knows that you need to sell as soon as possible, you could be holding the cash from the property sale in as little as two weeks. The contrast with an estate agent sale is stark.

Reasons To Sell To Cash House Buyers

As you can see, there are many more advantages to selling your home to a cash house buyer. Consequently, it stands to reason that increasing numbers of people choose to sell through one, instead of enduring the costs and tedium of a traditional sale. While you'll receive less than market value for your property, you enjoy complete control over the sale process. But what are some specific reasons why you might be especially drawn to this approach to selling?

Here are eight of the most common motivations, along with an explanation of why a fast cash sale best suits these circumstances.

Stop House Repossession

If your lender is threatening to repossess your property because you can't pay the mortgage, a fast cash sale can free up the money you need to pay the lender. With that lump sum to hand, you have a fighting chance to stop house repossession and keep a roof over your head.

Selling A Tenanted Property

If you have a person living in your property at the time you want to sell, this can make the whole process needlessly complex. However, it's useful to know that selling a tenanted property is not an issue for cash house buyers take on the tenant along with a property, it also allows them to stay there until their lease runs out.

Selling An Inherited Property Fast

It's tough to decide what to do when selling an inherited property - you can rent it, sell it, our move into it a new home. If you want to free up some money to spend elsewhere, a quick and easy cash sale is the perfect solution. In contrast, estate agents often add extra, unexpected costs and take far longer.

Selling A Flat With A Short Lease

A traditional sale requires extending the lease in most cases, and this costs you money. If you want a hassle-free sale, a cash buyer will take on your short-lease property quickly and easily. Selling a flat with a short lease is one with less than 80 years left on it.

Sell A House To Pay Off Debts

If your financial resources are under strain, you might reach the point where the only way to repay what you owe is to sell your house to pay off debts. Often, this is urgent, and a cash property buyer is the only one who can ensure you push the sale through in time to meet deadlines.

Sell A House To Emigrate Or Relocate

If you have a new job, are in a new relationship or just fancy a change, you have more to think about than the complexities of an estate agent sale. Selling a house to emigrate or relocate can be a lucrative and straightforward solution, quickly taking your house off your hands so you can move on.

Sell A House To Downsize Quickly

There are all kinds of reasons why you might want to sell your home to downsize quickly, ranging from retirement to accessibility requirements, a desire to simplify your life and a need to lower your expenses. Whatever your motivations, cash house buyers can help you downsize in the shortest timeframe with the minimum amount of stress.

Selling A House After Divorce Or Separation

Finally, relationship breakdowns often leave former couples with the painful task of selling their home. If you've agreed to sell or you buy your partner out, a quick cash buyer ensures your privacy. With no viewings and no "For Sale" sign showing, you avoid adding extra stress and sadness to an already difficult time when selling your house after divorce or separation.

We Are Cash Property Buyers Ready To Help

Do you think you might want to sell your house for cash, or do you have further questions about how the process works? Our team of experts is on hand to explain what you can expect, explore your options, and make you a no-commitment offer to buy your property. We've dealt with a huge range of different seller circumstances, and we're always ready to help when you need to sell a house nationwide.

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