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Are you facing adversity in your life and need a property buyer? Sell your house or home quickly, hassle-free and without all of the fees.

We work with clients who need to sell their house or home fast for cash for a number of reasons. In most cases, when people are facing some kind of adversity in their lives, it can make the process of selling their property feel very overwhelming and expensive process. We have the experience to make this hassle-free in a very short timeframe. Due to the fact you are here, you are most likely facing one of the reasons to sell your property below.

Stop House Repossession

If your home or flat is currently under threat of repossession, it can be a very stressful and scary situation to find yourself in. With such an overwhelming situation you may not fully understand the process or know what you can do to prevent bailiffs turning up. We can offer help when it comes to issues with repossession and assist you with steps to resolve the situation once the process commences. In times like this, it is very common to sell your house for cash to generate enough money to prevent repossession. At Property Buyer, we aim to make you an offer within 48 hours, which includes legal expenses and no hidden fees.

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Selling A Tenanted Property

In the event you want to sell a property with a tenant, this can feel like a minefield waiting to blow up. If you’re considering how to sell a house when you have sitting tenants, it’s normal to feel concerned about protecting the tenant, or dealing with particularly difficult tenants. Selling a property with sitting tenants can be very straightforward and discrete where we strive to ensure there are no void periods in the process.

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Selling An Inherited Property Fast

If you've recently inherited a property, it's likely that you're dealing with a significant loss. You may feel ill-equipped to deal with a selling an inherited property, especially if you've never done so before. We do our best to help you along the way so that you don’t feel out of your depth. Should you move into it, sell it on, or rent it out? What about sentimental value? Selling can also bring you funds. Estate agents can not guarantee to sell an inherited property within a reasonable time frame, if at all - plus there is the expected costs of solicitors and other fees. At Property Buyer, we can sell your property fast and make sure you get the cash much sooner.

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Selling A Flat With A Short Lease

Do you have a flat or property with a lease with less than 80 years remaining? You are most likely trying to sell your property through an estate agent and having very little traction or interest. The best thing you can do is to extend the lease - but this can be both time-consuming and expensive, sometimes anywhere from £10-15k. The next best thing you can do is use a cash buying company like Property Buyer to sell your flat with a short lease.

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Sell A House To Pay Off Debts

Having financial debt can be very stressful, and unfortunately, it can very easily happen to anyone. If you're currently in debt, you may be wondering if selling your home is the best thing you can do? Depending on your situation and level of debt, selling your house for cash quickly is always going to the most obvious access to money.

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Sell A House To Emigrate Or Relocate

Relocating can be a stressful situation to face, and there could be a vast number of reasons why you need to do so. Perhaps you've landed your dream job which involves relocating, or you need to move closer to your family, or simply to have a fresh start somewhere new. For whatever reason you have decided to emigrate or relocate, you may be faced with needing to sell your house or home quickly in order to make this move happen. It’s common to hesitate on selling because of any hassle and the time-consuming process, but it doesn’t need to be like that. Property Buyer is a cash buyer, we can make help you sell your home quickly within a timeframe suitable for you.

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Sell A House To Downsize Quickly

Selling your home and moving to a smaller property comes with many benefits. We can help you sell your house and help relieve you of any hassle you might expect. We take care of lengthy processes and make it fit within a timeframe that works for you - without fees associated with estate agent sales. Regardless of why you want to downsize, we can buy your property for cash and guarantee a sale in a short timeframe. We’ll make an offer and conduct a valuation free of charge, so you're under no obligation to take our offer forward.

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Selling A House Due To Divorce Or Separation

Divorce or separation is a situation that can be incredibly stressful and upsetting. It is also a situation that both parties generally wish to have resolved as quickly as possible - especially when there are children involved. We can take care of selling your house quickly and discreetly, which is something all of our clients value. When you're working with a traditional estate agent you end up with signs in front of your house, alerting everyone in your local neighbourhood that your marriage or relationship has failed.

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Sell Commercial Property Fast

Do you want to sell your commercial property fast? Is your business in need of a cash injection but you have your equity tied up? Whatever the circumstance, whatever the timeframe, we have the experience dealing with this kind of property purchase. We will buy any type of property, in any location, in any condition and make a fair offer based on a fair valuation.

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Need An Express Estate Agency Service To Sell Your Property?

When your property has been on the market for many months, with little, to no interest, it's natural to feel frustrated and demoralised. With the uncertainty on the sale of your property, will only add further uncertainty on other aspects of your life, as you will be unable to move on. If you need to move on and sell your house fast, we offer an express, hassle-free alternative to your highstreet estate agent.

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