Selling Your Home In Autumn Or Winter

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Selling Your Home In Autumn Or Winter

Conventional wisdom tells us that autumn and winter are “off seasons” in the property market. However, you can’t always control when you need to sell your property. When you find yourself in a time when you do need to sell, you’ll want to ensure that you get the best possible deal regardless of the time of year. As it turns out, there are some smart and effective things you can do to make the most of selling in the autumn and winter - and some natural advantages that come at this time of year as well.

What Happens During The Autumn And Winter Months...

Although most people are keen to sell property in the spring and summer, there are surprising benefits of selling in autumn and winter. Firstly, you tend to get serious buyers in these months, which means you don’t waste your time showing your home to people who are just browsing. Secondly, there is less on the market in autumn and winter, so it’s easier for your property to attract attention - provided you present it strategically.

What Should You Do Differently When Selling In Autumn or Winter?

Making needed repairs is always important, but it becomes especially so in the colder months of the year. Potential buyers will be thinking about heat and insulation, as well as the potential for flooding. So, make sure you have your heating system serviced, and replace any weather stripping that’s past its best. It’s also smart to go further than this and just address any minor repairs that your home needs.

Finally, make sure your home gives off a sense of being easily accessible in the colder months - keep the entryways clear of leaves or snow. 

How Should You Present Your Property To Make The Best Of The Colder Months?

Beyond repairs, think about the decor of your home. In particular, buyers will be thinking about how much time they’ll be spending indoors, so focus on keeping everything clean and tidy. It’s worth thinking about some seasonal decor as well, such as an autumnal wreath or holiday decorations.

Try to make the home look comfortable, warm and cosy. You can accentuate this with items like soft blankets, and by keeping any fireplace well-stocked with wood. For that matter, consider lighting the fire when people visit. If you don’t have a fire, take advantage of scented candles with autumnal or winter scents.

In short, anything that makes the property seem homely and welcoming will help you shift it for a good price.

What Can You Do To Combat Dull Weather And Low Light?

In the colder months, it’s so important to make your home seem not just warm but also cheerful. The reduction in daylight can make this really tough, so consider turning on all the lights for viewing - or even installing a few new ones. Outside, you might want to cut back trees that hang over windows and create more interior dullness.

What If You Struggle to Get Any Interest During the Autumn and Winter Months?

If you follow all the above advice, you’ll maximise both your chances of attracting interest in your property, and your chances of selling for a high price. However, if you’re struggling to attract buyers or you need to shift your property at a quicker rate than the season allows, consider a fast sale through our service.

We are committed to buying any property, no matter where it is or what condition it is in, taking the hassle out of property selling and immediately freeing up cash.

Simply contact us and we’ll get back to you within a couple of days with a cash offer that you’re under no obligation to accept. 

Date: 08/10/20

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