Selling Your Home In The Spring

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Selling Your Home In The Spring

Circumstances often dictate the best time to sell your house. You might need to move at the end of the school year when it won't disrupt the kids. Alternatively, if you are offered a new job in a different area then you will have to relocate at short notice, no matter what time of year it is.

Most homeowners stand a better chance of getting the optimal price for their property by selling in spring.

The summer months are a difficult time to sell a property because families tend to be on holiday and parents are busy looking after their own kids. During winter you will find it a challenge to have your property looking its best. Autumn attracts decent prices, too. Spring, however, is the time when houses are most likely to sell and for more money than during the rest of the year. Flowers are starting to bloom and natural sunlight not only makes the exterior but the interior of the property look better too.

If you are looking to sell your house during spring, consider the following:

Consider Your Target Market

If you are selling your house in spring, consider your target market. Many families will be busy during the Easter holiday but professionals will be available during the Bank Holidays. 

DIY And Maintenance

Winter weather conditions are harsh and they can leave a property looking disheveled. Give exterior paintwork and brickwork a clean and consider touching the paint up if it needs it. You won't have had the opportunity to weed or even mow the lawn during winter. Take some time to do the weeding and tidy everything up outside. Do DIY jobs that you have been putting off during the colder months but don't take on any jobs that require months to complete. 

Kerb Appeal

Kerb appeal makes a big difference to the appeal of a property. Plant inexpensive but attractive bulbs and other plants that will start to flower during springtime. Ensure there is decent outside seating: your viewers will be able to envision themselves sitting in the garden. Once they start to picture themselves living in your property, you have a better chance of them making an offer.

Picture Perfect

Good photos attract viewers, and there is no better time of year to get those photos than during the spring months. Ensure that you or the agent chooses a sunny day and, if possible, coincide this when blossoms and flowers are blooming. This will paint an idyllic picture of your home. The blossoms may have fallen by the time you have viewers, but they will remember the pictures.

Be Available For Viewings

You will need to be available for viewings. Agents and many sellers know that spring is the best time of year to put a property on the market, which means that buyers will be spoilt for choice. If you are unavailable to give viewings, many of your potential buyers will simply view another house. Let your estate agent take over the viewings, if necessary.

With, you don't have to worry about the time of year, quality of your listing's photo, or your availability to show people around. We can complete a deal to buy your house in as little as seven days and we pay a fair price determined by market value, not according to weather conditions.

Date: 14/04/20

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