Is It Worth Considering An Assisted Sale Of My Property?

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Is It Worth Considering An Assisted Sale Of My Property?

When you're a homeowner who wants to sell, it's all too common for your property to fall short of market asking prices because it's in need of repair.

You can either spend money you may not have on the needed repairs, or you could just accept a lower price than you deserve. Or perhaps you've wondered, is it worth considering an assisted sale of my property?

Luckily, an assisted sale of your property might just be what you're looking for.

What Is An Assisted Sale And How Do They Work?

An assisted sale gives a company control of your mortgage payments, property maintenance and council tax.

The company gives you cash upfront to help you buy your next home, then sells your old property as quickly as possible. Assisted sales can shift the property within 40-50 days, and leave you with at least 95% market value

When Is A Good Time To Consider An Assisted Sale?

Now is always an ideal time to look into an assisted sale.

If you're tired of trying to sell your property for a decent price, if it has been on the market for over six months, and if there's currently no chain, an assisted sale could be the perfect solution you’ve been looking for. ƒ

This is especially likely if your house is clearly in need of repairs or restoration, and you've felt caught between the two unpalatable choices of selling below the market price or spending huge amounts updating your property.

In addition, remember that an enquiry doesn't commit you to an assisted sale - but it can help you make the right decision for you.

Will An Assisted Sale Help To Sell My House Fast For Its Market Value?

An assisted sale is an effective solution that our team at can offer to improve the value of your property and help it sell within just a few short weeks.

We give you cash upfront, then take total control of the mortgage and necessary repairs.

Weighing Up The Viability Of An Assisted Sale

Now, you know what an assisted sale involves and how it works, you might still be wondering whether it's a viable option in your case.

To help you apply the concept to your property, let's look at how an example case might work and explore the benefits to the vendor.

An Example Of An Assisted Sale

Suppose your property is currently worth £95,000 but not selling. We would draft a signed agreement stating that you will receive £100,000 once the property is sold.

After taking on the property, we’ll pay for all refurbishments, repairs and modernisations, maximizing what the property will be worth on the market.

Finally, we’ll sell the property on your behalf and you will receive the previously agreed £100,000.

Benefits To The Vendor

With no time, money or effort sunk into refurbishment, your property will be transformed into the most sellable version of itself.

You’ll shift your property at a much faster rate - most likely within about 45 days. You’ll even get a little more than what your property was originally worth.

Contact Property Buyer To Discuss An Assisted Sale

If you want to learn more and hear about what we can offer you, get in touch with Property Buyer and speak to one of our team.

We're experienced in working to suit your specific timeframe and are always happy to provide information without any obligation on your end. It may turn out that an assisted sale is the ideal way for you to finally sell your house fast.

Date: 30/09/20

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