Will Virtual Property Tours Help Me to Sell My House?

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Will Virtual Property Tours Help Me to Sell My House?

Virtual property viewings offer a quick and easy solution when it’s not possible to see a house in person. But is this increasingly popular approach to marketing property worth it? Here’s everything you need to know.

Why Do Property Viewings Matter?

Buyers expect a lot of a viewing, as high standards are set by professional photographs on online listings. Successful viewings breed committed buyers, and the more committed buyers you accumulate the better your final offer is likely to be.

What Is a Virtual Property Tour, Exactly?

Virtual tours are online simulations that show viewers a property’s size and shape. Such tours provide more immersive experiences than property photography, and may include the following:

  • Virtual floor plans offer 3D views and measurements of each floor. These simulations typically include items designed to communicate the “feel” of the property (e.g., beds and chairs). Virtual floor plans help you stress the space available in your property, but are ineffective at showing off interior design.
  • Professional videos take a few hours to film and more closely simulate the experience of being in a property. With careful staging, you can draw attention to the property’s best features. That said, it’s important to give an honest impression to avoid ending up with an unhappy buyer at a later stage! Professional videos are the most appropriate approach for the average seller.
  • Interactive virtual tours are even more like in-person viewings. Prospective buyers can look all around the property, acquiring useful information about where their furniture would go and what it would be like to live in the place. Interactive virtual tours are best suited to those who have money to spend on a professional filmmaker and editor. The cost is typically at least £250.

What Are The Advantages Of Virtual Property Tours?

Firstly, they minimise time-wasting as they attract buyers with very specific needs. For example, they might need to know if there’s room for some piece of furniture, or judge a bedroom’s atmosphere. Virtual tours offer answers quickly, and ensure that anyone who wants to see the property in person is already quite serious about buying.

In addition, virtual tours help you link up with buyers in different time zones (who can’t visit and can’t easily organise a live video viewing). Plus, a virtual property tour shows you are trustworthy, implying you have nothing to hide. This is a good start to your relationship with potential buyers.

All in all, virtual property tours are typically worth the money and time you put into them if you’re selling on the open market. They ensure that even if buyers can’t travel to the property, you can give them an experience much like the one they would have had in person.

But What If I’m Not Selling On The Open Market?

If a virtual tour on the open market doesn’t work for you, there are always other approaches. For example, selling via auction earns you 10% at the point of sale and the other 90% within the next month. That said, beware that auctions incur extra fees, sometimes up to more than 3% of the total price.

Another option is part-exchange, where you speak to the developer of a new build home and make a deal to sell your property. However, there are many worrying reports of customers ending up with a sale price that’s far less than market value.

To avoid the problems associated with auction, part-exchange and online property tours, why not talk to us instead? We’re an experienced cash buyer, and we take pleasure in taking the hassle of a sale out of your hands. We’ll arrange a fast sale, typically exchanging and completing within a week if needed. We’ll also cover independent legal fees, and we provide 100% discretion throughout.

Date: 011/07/20

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